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Dwelling Of The Insomiac


Graduation Installation 

Photography by Luc Satter

Exploring Insomnia

“Prolonged inability to get enough sleep”
“Lingering on thoughts / A living space”

Houses are the playing fields of the sleepless folk amongst us at night. When the rest of the world is asleep, the insomniac dances with the shadows around the house. They keep him company in these quiet stretches of time.

This installation invites you to interact with the shadows and lightfall and discover the beauty that lies in nightime waking.

In 2019 Lybrich graduated with Honours from The Univerisy of Arts Utrecht

Her final project was an exploration of Insomnia, a condition that makes falling asleep quiet a challenge. Determained to bring her illustrations to life,she set to building her first installation. Illustration was the startingpoint: What was possible on paper needed nifty thinking and the help of friends and fellow artist in real life.

A Look Inside↓

With the help of Kim van Veelen, it was possible to  3D print specialised gears for the construction.

A special rotation conductor made the lightbulb spin without tangling the wires.

Fun fact: The intire installation is built from found materials.

If you look close you see antique church chairs and 100 year old flooring picked from a renovation found on the street. The motor driving this all, was discovered in a container from the technical University. The bearings and bicycle tubing come form a bicycle repair shop pile. Only the conductor was brought in new.


Thank you for reading!